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Texas Attorneys Providing Litigation Strategies

Although trial lawyers focus on obtaining a favorable verdict for their clients at trial, most important trials with significant legal issues or large damage awards end up on appeal. It is essential to prepare strategically for the appeal and preserve the record. However, even for the most seasoned and intelligent trial lawyer, the type of legal and procedural analysis required for appellate preparation is all but impossible to handle adequately while also attending to the rigors of the trial itself. For this reason, it is essential for a trial lawyer to work with an experienced appellate law team through every stage of the trial to give the client the best possible chance to succeed on appeal.

chessThe attorneys of Hogan & Hogan provide litigation strategy for trial lawyers in appellate and trial courts throughout Texas, including the Texas Supreme Court, as well as the United States Supreme Court. Both partners of Hogan & Hogan are Board Certified in Civil Appellate Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization.

Hogan & Hogan provides strategic planning and real-time support in a range of matters that arise in trial with implications at the appellate level:

  • Objections and requests for relief: Every objection and request for relief — as well as the court's ruling — must appear in the record and be timely raised so that it can be reviewed on appeal. Hogan & Hogan provides counsel for trial attorneys who seek to formulate their objections and requests for relief involving evidentiary, jury charge and other legal issues during trial.
  • Oral agreements: Critical oral agreements among the parties' attorneys during trial should be reduced to writing as clearly and quickly as possible. The firm's lawyers provide strategic planning and drafting of oral agreements among opposing counsel.
  • Motions and pleadings: Hogan & Hogan handles special appearances, motions to transfer venue or to apply the law of other jurisdictions, petitions and answers, amendments to pleadings, and other motions and pleadings.
  • Disqualification and recusal of judges: Recusal and disqualification motions should not be taken lightly. Hogan & Hogan helps trial attorneys determine when these motions are appropriate and provides sound counsel throughout the process.
  • Discovery complaints: Problems can arise throughout the discovery process at trial. Hogan & Hogan helps trial lawyers make timely objections in discovery and preserve the record for appeal or possible review by mandamus.

Litigation Strategies

As with any issue of litigation strategy, it is essential to act in a timely manner, according to procedure, and to preserve the record. Because the law is dynamic and evolving, gray areas and nuances of the law should be raised at trial, and such issues can be determined pre-emptively during the trial preparation process.

The attorneys of Hogan & Hogan use their experience and expertise to provide sound trial preparation assistance to plaintiff and defendant trial lawyers.

To discuss trial preparation and litigation strategy with an experienced appellate lawyer from Hogan & Hogan, call 713-222-8800 or contact the firm online.


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