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The Appeals Process Requires Experienced Counsel

Civil Appeals In Texas And Throughout The United States

For trial lawyers with difficult legal or procedural issues, it is essential to work with experienced appellate attorneys. OftenJennifer & Richard called the "law lawyers," appellate counsel are important to the trial team because of the two primary differences between trials and appeals: the audience and the subject matter. At trial, the audience is a jury, and trial lawyers seek to persuade jurors that an operative set of facts did or did not occur. Another audience member is often overlooked: the judge. Appellate lawyers help to persuade judges, both at trial and in the appellate courts, that the law requires - or should require - a favorable outcome for the client. With their attention to the law as subject matter and the judge as part of the audience, appellate lawyers bring a different approach and a depth of training and experience to the legal team.

Board-Certified Appellate Lawyers

Hogan & Hogan is a Texas law firm providing appellate consultation and representation throughout Texas and other areas of the United States. All of the firm's attorneys are Board Certified in the specialty field of Civil Appellate Law, and Richard Hogan is also Board Certified in Civil Trial Law and Personal Injury Trial Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. The Hogans have held these board-certified specializations for over 25 years.

With more than 25 years of experience as lawyers practicing civil appellate law, Hogan & Hogan's two partners have appellate experience in all the Texas Courts of Appeals, the Texas Supreme Court, several federal circuit courts of appeals, and in the United States Supreme Court.

Both Richard Hogan and Jennifer Bruch Hogan have been recognized as Texas Super Lawyers (Thompson Reuters) every year since that recognition began, and have been consistently selected by their peers for inclusion in The Best Lawyers in America (Woodward/White, Inc.).

Hogan & Hogan is the firm that trial lawyers call when they need assistance with complicated matters that could have implications at the appellate level. The firm serves as lead counsel on appeals and as consultants on appellate-related matters throughout the trial. These matters can include motions, record preservation, interlocutory appeals and writs of mandamus, among others.

The firm's lawyers are board-certified, and all of Hogan & Hogan's Texas appellate lawyers work for both plaintiffs and defendants, appellants and appellees, in state and federal appellate and trial courts, focusing on:

  • Civil appeals and oral arguments: The firm can handle all aspects of civil appeals, working with plaintiffs' attorneys and defendants' attorneys on appellate strategies, research and writing, and oral arguments.
  • Litigation strategy: The most successful appeals begin long before the trial has ended. The firm provides legal counsel to help trial attorneys prepare a record and conduct their trials so as to best position their cases to win on appeal.
  • Mandamus and interlocutory matters: Hogan & Hogan seeks efficiency, with attention to the many details involved in mandamus and interlocutory matters to obtain the appropriate relief as quickly as possible.

With experience in larger, national firms, the attorneys of Hogan & Hogan have chosen to operate a boutique style appellate law firm to provide responsive representation, backed by a partner-heavy, hands-on approach.

Lawyers and in-house legal counsel seeking assistance with appellate-related matters can contact the firm online or call 713-222-8800 to schedule a consultation with an attorney from Hogan & Hogan.


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